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DaGuang Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd is located in Guilin City,Guangxi,China.

Established in year 1995 ,DaGuang has been focused on the field of Automatic Electromagnetic Induction Aluminium Foil Sealing Machine for more than twenty years. 

After more than twenty years of struggle, the company has developed and produced DG series high-end electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machines, and has its own professional core technology and related patents.

Whether you need a cap sealing machine for high volume production or laboratory cap sealing, DaGuang has an induction sealing equipment solution for you. We have more than 20 years of experience in the manufacture ,research and development of aluminum foil sealers. Each of our induction sealing machines is designed for rugged and reliable field performance. Our experts can help guide you in selecting the perfect induction sealer to ensure you achieve a perfect induction seal.

Devotion makes Profession.Hope we may become you fortunately the supplier.

Warmly welcome friends come to visit, study, business negotiations.

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