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FS-3P induction cap sealing machine

item No : FS-3P

Automatic Grade: Automatic
Cooled types: Water cooled
Voltage:  AC 220V,50/60HZ
Power: 4000Wmax(adjustable)
Sealing diameter:15mm to 55mm or 30mm to 70mm or 60mm to 140mm
Brand Name: DAGUANG
Packaging Details:Wooden Case and Carton
Place of Origin:Guilin, Guangxi, China (Mainland)

FS-3P newest Induction Cap Sealing Machine with Anti-Blocking Function

Input:AC 220V,50/60HZ


Sealing diameter:15mm to 55mm,or 30mm to 70mm or 60mm to 140mm

Cooling method:water-cooling

Appearance:304 Stainless steel

Machine size

Main Engine:41cm×46cm×32cm

Water Tank:52cm×45cm×98cm

Induction Head:31cm×13cm×19cm

Key Specifications/Special Features:

Full touch screen operation

Anti-blocking function

Over-voltage, over-current automatic protection, safe and reliable
Quick sealing speed, suitable to mass product production
Complete stainless steel mould enclosure
Easy to use with good sealing quality, and able to operate continuously
Unique extraordinary sealing technology
Can used in production line or work independently
Installed water cooling self-circulation cooling system
Type of the induction head(tunnel type ) may be customized upon user’s requests

Anti-blocking function adaptation conditions:

There should be a half cap spacing (more than 1 cm) between the two caps, and the interception door should be set to the automatic state.

When the time of bottles pass the heating head or  stay between the exit photoeyes is longer than the setting, the machine will  alarm and stop heating immediately.

Pneumatic interception door is installed 10 cm in front of the entrance photoeyes, and connect the air supply. When blocking action occurs, the door will intercept immediately to prevent more unsealed bottle enter the heating area.

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