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DG-1500B induction aluminium foil sealer

item No : DG-1500B

Input:AC 220V,50/60HZ


Sealing diameter:20mm to 80mm or 70mm to 110mm

Sealing speed:40 to 180 BPM

Induction sealing is a very popular packaging option, as it perfectly preserves the bottle contents, as well as being tamper-proof. DG-1500B Induction Sealing Machine ishighly efficient and easy to operate, making it the machine of choice of manufacturers looking to add induction sealing to their packaging line-up. Features include:

Suitable for all kinds of bottles, adjustments only require one knob
Can be used for single or double alu-foil cushion
The control panel has several indicators and an output voltmeter, with multiple automatic alarm functions
Modularized circuit board with well-know brand components for steady, reliable performance
WARNING: DO NOT use this machine to seal flammable and/or explosive products
 DG-1500B Induction Seal Machine
40 – 180 BPM
Cooling Method
Air Cooling
Cap Diameter Specifications
20mm – 80mm,or 70mm to 110mm
Height of Bottle
35 – 250 mm
SUS 304
Input Power
AC220V 50Hz/60Hz
Max Output Power
Main Unit:395mm×420mm×185mm
Support cart:450mm×450mm×970mm
Heating sensor:470mm×195mm×100mm


48 KGS

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