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FS-1 CE authentication automatic cap induction aluminum foil sealer

item No : FS-1

Sealing diameter: 15mm to 55mm,30mm to 70mm,60mm to 140mm
Sealing speed: 50-600 bottles per minute
Power: 4000Wmax(adjustable)
Voltage: 50/60Hz, 220V
Body material: SUS304 stainless steel 
Machine weight: 100Kg

FS-1 High speed water cooling induction sealing machine

Main Technical Data          OPERATION MANUAL          INSTALLATION  

Input:AC 220V,50/60HZ


Sealing diameter:15mm to 55mm or 30mm to 70mm or 60mm to 140mm

Sealing speed:50 to 600 bottles

Body material: SUS304 stainless steel 
Machine weight: 100Kg

Automatic cap electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine takes the electromagnetic induction principle as a basis. The aluminum foil makes bow wave and become heat, then the membrane will melt and adhere to the opening of the PE, PET bottles, and then make bottles sealed. The high stress resistance components are quite reliable and the specification is wide. It can be widely used for the sealing of abnormal bottles and big size mouth bottles. The circulating water makes cooling, The machine does not touch the bottle when sealing, Meet GMP requirements.

Main Features
CE authentication.
Unique tunnel design with patents, the induction sensor can increase the sealing speed.
The induction sensor can be can be rotated, in order to accommodate larger seal diameters.Small cap bottles and large cap bottles can be sealed by one machine, saving the cost.
Height of  induction sensor is adjustable and flexible for a range of bottle height.
Sealing Fast and efficient. The induction heating foil seals tightly without being affected by moisture, grease or powder contamination on sealing area.
Full modular component design, can be against moisture, erosion, dust and magnetism, minimizes maintenance requirements and increase the rease.
With the special alarm system, the machine will alarm when the tank water less, water temperature high,low voltage, over current, overload, output line not connected.
With stainless steel body, meet the GMP demand
The induction controller adopt the latest imported Field Effect Transistor and CPU module control.
All functions are marked on the panel clearly.Operation is very convenience
With 4 wheels under the machine body, it is very easy to move.
The induction sensor and main unit of same machine model can be change. 
Against moisture,erosion,dust,minimizes maintenance.
Missed foil cap rejector(optional).The bottle stop automatically stops the seal to avoid the inflammable material trapped in the magnetic and thermal range of the sensor to be heated and fired.

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